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Annuities – Yesterday’s Product?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is currently investigating the retirement income markets. This is probably overdue. It’s been clear for some time that consumers too often go with inertia, buying the annuity they are offered by their pension provider, without “shopping around”.

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Why design is crucial to business success

Design can strengthen a company’s brand and is a vital differentiator for businesses, according to new research from Warwick Business School and the Design Council.

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Seven mistakes SMEs make with the media

Media opportunities don’t come round very often for SMEs, at least not when compared with large organisations. But when they do, their leaders are often unprepared and therefore unable to make the most of them.

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Five tips for driving more traffic to your website

While it’s true that no two website marketing strategies are exactly alike, the ultimate objective of driving more traffic to the website is one shared by all businesses, regardless of their size or sector. Similarly, the tools and tips that can help them achieve their goal faster and more effectively apply equally across the board. Chloe Thomas, author of eCommerce MasterPlan, shares five of the best…

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How to protect your business from commuter snooping

Commuter snooping – when prying strangers access your information while you’re working on-the-go – can be a huge concern for businesses. So how can you protect yourself? Christian Toon, information risk and security specialist at information security business Iron Mountain, offers his top tips…

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New parental leave rules – what impact will they have on your business?

The government recently unveiled plans for new statutory rules on parental leave that will come into force from April 2015. But what will they mean for your workplace? Julian Cox, partner and employment lawyer at Fletcher Day, explains the main considerations

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