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As Head of Information and Advisory Services, Anna and her team are responsible for helping members get the information and advice they need in order to run their businesses profitably and to the highest standard possible. Their enquires include; helping members to understand the implications of the latest employment legislation; battling with tax complexities; ascertaining member companies' competitors or advising on the steps to opening an office overseas.

Three cheers for volunteers!

I have just seen a new set of statistics published by the Cabinet Office showing a sharp rise in volunteering. Volunteering can take many forms, be it fundraising for Battersea Dogs Home, being a school governor or a charity trustee. There is a lot to be said for doing any kind of volunteering or donating to a charity. Every volunteer will have their own motive and a story to tell. From my personal point of view, I am very fortunate in that I have a fulfilled life, good health, loving family, wonderful friends, a good job and great colleagues. I … Read More »

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Starting a business

My friend decided to start her own business. Brave woman! Apparently, the UK has a milder regime than many other countries, when it comes to launching a business. However, there is still a huge amount of red tape, and there is no sign of its reduction, judging by the new spate of regulations coming out on the 1st of April. Did I imagine things, or was there a plan to take away an existing piece of legislation before introducing a new one? I’m currently re-reading ‘My Life and Work’ by Henry Ford, who said something about governments trying to regulate … Read More »

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The biggest problems facing small businesses today

Numerous surveys highlight a wide range of problems which small businesses face on a daily basis both internally and externally. External problems External problems are countless, including the state of the economy, the high cost of insurance, taxes, red tape, health & safety, lack of bank lending, competition within the UK and from abroad, transport issues, employee skills gaps and shortages, and the list just goes on.


Identity theft – you should be worried

One of the things I feel passionate about is my privacy. The idea that somebody has too much insight into what I do, where I go, whom I meet, makes me very uncomfortable. My bank profiles me, my supermarket profiles me, blessed Google profiles me, etc. In retaliation, I do my best to fight any intrusion as much as I possibly can in this day and age of mass surveillance. One piece of legislation that I actually liked very much, although it didn’t relate to me personally, was to do with disclosure of directors’ residential addresses that came into force … Read More »

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SMEs and employment law – a heavy but unavoidable responsibility

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) published yesterday new research which shows that there are significant disparities between small businesses in their confidence and awareness of managing employment law. Apparently, almost a third of respondents feel confident in their understanding of employment law and their role as an employer; however more than a third of respondents, feel that employment law obligations are ‘not relevant’ to their business; and a further 20 per cent report that they understand their obligations, but worry that they get it right.

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When is a director really a director?

What is in a name? There was a lively debate recently on the IoD LinkedIn Group about the use and abuse of the word ‘Director’ in the corporate world. When is somebody who is refered to as a director really a director, with all directorial powers (and the strings attached) and not for example a manager in disguise with an inflated title? There are considerable differences between directors and managers.