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As Head of Parliamentary and Regulatory Affairs, Alex leads the Institute's engagement with Parliamentarians, Government, Civil Servants and other stakeholders, Alexander is responsible for the IoD's lobbying strategy and legislative interventions. He is also responsible for the development of IoD policy towards Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), finance and lending policy as well as leading the IoD's policy research programme via the unique Policy Voice community.

Only 30 Days to Election ‘Certainty’

Today, the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown visited Her Majesty the Queen and asked Parliament to be dissolved in advance of a General Election on May 6th. Though such an announcement would normally be cause for much commentary, the normal excitement and speculation associated with the calling of an election seems to have given way to a less edifying sense of relief from many. Over the last few months, a high number of IoD members have been only too clear with me of their desire to see an election called promptly. For many of them, today will deliver a sense of … Read More »

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Chancellor TV Live Debate all about Consensus

Some might say last night’s Chancellor debate was a non-event or even a bit of a damp squib. It certainly wasn’t ‘must see tv’ but I was intrigued by the way the dialogue seemed to be much more about consensus than debate. Consensus on the need to make significant spending cuts, consensus on reform of public sector pensions, consensus on a need to get the banks lending to businesses.

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