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Been a whirlwind of a week. It’s been all hands on deck organising the Christmas special feature for Director – where we are bringing 17 business leaders from all over the UK together to talk about their last 12 months – the challenges they have faced, the lessons they have learnt and their plans for 2012. We’ve met photographers, looked at seven location houses, negotiated times, called in products, clarified styling, measured the height of christmas trees and even debate the best ways to photograph a turkey. All in preparation for our two day photoshoot next week. I am very much looking forward to meeting them all.

Added to that, I had a great meeting with Edward Saatchi from the incredible National Field – an idea using the Facebook model to transform productivity of companies. Worth checking out and more of this in Director very soon.

Finally, I have just come back from a fascinating breakfast briefing on Woman on Boards. It’s been six months since the Davies Report and signs are positive – 50 new female board members appointed but the pace is still slow and there’s more work to be done. 12 FTSE companies still don’t have women on their boards. Some great facts and figures from Minister for Equalities Lynne Featherstone: better use of women’s skills could be worth £15 – 23 billion to the UK economy and companies with women on boards see a 42% higher return in sales. It is only a start, but as Featherstone says, we can’t afford to miss out on the economic benefits and it’s far better to come from within businesses than quotas. As she said “positive action is better than positive discrimination”. Watch this space ….


About Lysanne Currie

Lysanne Currie, Editor of Director magazine, which IoD members receive as a free benefit, joined the Institute of Directors in May 2011. Prior to joining the team at the IoD she was Editor in Chief of BSkyB's magazine portfolio and prior to that editorial director of Hachette, the consumer magazine company that included Red, elle and elle deco.
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