Miles’ comment on Ed Miliband’s party conference speech

Miles TemplemanI was very disappointed with the speech from Mr Miliband earlier this week as it showed a complete lack of understanding of how business works. The very notion of separating out good companies for what he calls bad companies, in terms of their investment returns and speed of returns, is just nonsense and just sends out a message that he is not supportive of a very active business community.

It should be the investors and customers that decide whether they do or don’t like what a company is doing, it is not the governments’ role to get involved with that. Miliband is sending the wrong message, particularly to the private equity world, which plays a particularly active part of stimulating improved performance. This is what we need if we are going to create the jobs to compete in the world.

It is disappointing that Labour seems to be swinging back to that old anti business attitude, it is totally inappropriate. We want, and the economy needs, a government that is more business orientated.


About Miles Templeman

Miles was Director General of the IoD from 2004 to 2011. Alongside this role, Miles has many non-exec positions including Non-Executive Chairman of Shepherd Neame, the Kentish family brewer. He began his career as a marketing specialist working his way up to Managing Director of Threshers and then the Whitbread Beer Company. He had great success in building those companies, especially with the growth of such brands as Boddingtons and Stella Artois.
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