One year to go until the Paralympics

Miles TemplemanFor London 2012 there is a lot of effort going into making the Paralympics an even bigger event than usual, as I am sure you have gathered from some of the news coverage around today. With only a year to go until the Paralympics, I was invited on a tour of the Olympic Park today, to see the progress that has been made. The big stadiums are now complete but there is still some way to go with regards to the surrounds and the infrastructure that is currently being worked on. However, it looks promising and I think it will be a wonderful event for London and the rest of the UK.

Whilst there is bound to be some disruption caused by the games there will also be business opportunities for organisations around the UK to get involved in. I personally think that London 2012 has already bought a lot of opportunities for business in terms of contracts due to the sheer amount of work in preparing it and hopefully some of our members have already reaped the awards of it. I would be interested to hear of any business benefits you have already gained from the Olympics?

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