Building the IoD website of the future

IMG_6548As an organisation we do not usually talk about projects that we are working on behind the scenes. However, following on from a meeting that I had with a handful of members last week, I appreciate that these projects may be of interest to people outside the organisation as well.

In the coming weeks we are starting the process of redeveloping our main website, as we recognise that the development of the site is fundamental to our future online communications. Our primary aim for the project is to provide greater benefits to our members so that they can easily access all of the information, services and products that make up their membership. In addition to this we aim to send a stronger message about the quality and stature behind the IoD brand.

We recognise that our website is behind the pace as it stands at the moment, and are hopeful that this will enable us to catch up but it will take time, probably about a year to complete.


About Miles Templeman

Miles was Director General of the IoD from 2004 to 2011. Alongside this role, Miles has many non-exec positions including Non-Executive Chairman of Shepherd Neame, the Kentish family brewer. He began his career as a marketing specialist working his way up to Managing Director of Threshers and then the Whitbread Beer Company. He had great success in building those companies, especially with the growth of such brands as Boddingtons and Stella Artois.
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