Automatic Enrolment – Mind the Gap?

Malcolm Small
Late last month, the Pensions Regulator issued a “Registration Report” for the first time, which it will issue on a monthly basis going forward. Read More »

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Being a control freak does not lead to a successful family business. Good governance does.


It is easy to be a control freak in a family business as it is all yours and no one else’s. No one cares like you do, no one has the long term view like you and well, there’s blood involved – as well as some sweat and tears too.

Which means that when family businesses work well they are unbeatable. There is a passion, a drive and a commitment that no one else can ever have. But whenever passion is involved decisions and actions can sometimes fall foul of what we would regard as best practice in corporate decision making. Read More »

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Standing on the shoulders of (business) giants: lessons from the old economy

Martin ThomasBusiness leaders operating within the new economy are often quick to dismiss the received wisdom and practices of an analogue age.  Every generation likes to challenge the views, conventions and behaviour of the previous one, but we appear to be experiencing a particularly profound generational shift within the world of business.  Read More »

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Pensions and the Budget

Malcolm SmallNow that the dust is starting to settle on last week’s momentous budget announcements, we can start assembling the pieces where unintended consequences seem likely, where promises made can’t in all probability be kept, or where the assessment of the likelihood of a situation obtaining seems just plain wrong. Read More »

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My top tip for start-up businesses


Recently I agreed to speak at the elite business National Conference taking place in April in London.  I agree to a variety of speaking engagements over the course of the year, but this one was of particular interest as the audience will primarily be made up of small or start-up businesses looking for fast growth.

This set me thinking about what my top tip for these kinds of businesses would be. Read More »

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Is your company behind your sales effort?

Bruce King

I am not a subscriber to the ‘blame game’. I hear too many salespeople blaming other individuals or departments within the organisation or blaming the quality of their product or service for their lack of sales. The expressions I so often hear are ‘if X did this’, or ‘X did not do this’ or ‘if our product did that’ etc., ‘we’d be able to sell a lot more’.

My response to this is often my favourite question:
So what are you going to do about this?
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